Why I create with wool?

As a child, I spent my summers on the shores of Lac des Iles, surrounded by the wilderness of the Laurentian Mountains in southern Quebec, Canada. It was there that I began to observe nature and make sketches of the forest animals that abounded there.

After several years working as a high school teacher, I went to Paris, where I spent the next five years researching art. I took full advantage of my time there to visit the galleries and museums of Europe's capital cities.

Même si ce n’est qu’en 2013 que, encouragée par parents et amis, j’ai osé faire mon « coming-out » artistique, j’ai toujours dédie passionnément tout mon temps à la création artistique. Après avoir longtemps utilisé l’acrylique sur papier pour décrire à ma façon la condition féminine et ma perception de la vie au masculin, je suis revenue à mon intérêt premier : la faune et la flore des sous-bois.

It was in my search for a natural medium to represent animals that I concluded there was no better material than soft, warm wool for depicting the fauna of endangered wetlands. So, gradually my tubes of acrylic were replaced with skeins of wool.

I was seduced by the versatility of this renewable natural resource, and I set myself the challenge of honing my wool-felting skills to create realistic representations would also be inspiring works of art. I believe I have succeded in creating tree-dimensional pieces that have the high quality of works of taxidermy but without the unpleasantness associated with a dead animal.

Through my art, I invite the observer to appreciate the beauty hidden in even the humblest of creatures, to the point where he or she would want to care for and protect them, and respect their environment.

My works have been exhibited in galleries in Quebec City, Montreal, Gatineau and Ottawa, and I am honoured to have won awards in several juried competitions. What touches me perhaps even more is the fact that many fellow artists have sought to acquire one or more of my pieces.

For more information, or to see a larger selection of my works, please contact me at: diane@dianebertrand.ca

Prix et distinctions récents:
*1st Prize Ottawa Art Association Juried Award
*People’s Choice Award Nepean Fine Arts League Spring Show
*First Prize Peers Award Ottawa Art Association
*Jury’s Award Mosaïque au Centre Shenkman
*Jury’s Award Selection AOE Arts Council,
*Jury’s Award Mosaïc Centre Shenkman,
* 2nd Price at Ottawa Art Association Juried Award 2015 –
* 1st prize Ottawa Art Association ; * Prix du jury à Arteast Ottawa,en ;
* Jury’s award Arteast Ottawa;,,en,* 2nd Peers Award Ottawa Art Association;,,en
* 2nd Peers Award Ottawa Art Association;

How I felt my wool